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Re: how to work at home??
by jaycey on Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:16 am

Dear all

I’m new to this site and I have a question.

Is it possible to include photos when exporting files from Scrivener? I’m currently trying to write a family history book for my mother and have just downloaded the Scrivener 30 day trial. It’s proving great for organising my thoughts and getting everything down in the right order but am I right in thinking that when the book is finished (hopefully) I will only be able to export text files?

Thanks to anyone who thinks they can help.


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Yes, it is quite easy to work with embedded images in Scrivener. All you really need to do is drop the image into the text itself, right where you want it to appear in the final draft. Note that Scrivener will not have any controls for how the image is displayed. You’ll need to use your word processor the wrap text around the image and so forth. Note, while you cannot drop images into the Draft itself, you can drop them into the files themselves, in the draft.

When it comes time to Compile the draft, you’ll want to choose RTF or DOC format. Not every word processor will be able to understand the images, however. Unfortunately, Scrivener can only do so much. It can create a properly formed RTF file, but properly opening that file is something not consistently well handled by Mac word processors. For more details on this stage of the process, check out this answer in the FAQ. Consult the table to see which word processors support images. Not on this list is Nisus, which does support images as well. You’ll want to stay away from Apple Pages. It has very minimal support for RTF import.

Contrary to what was recommended in the other post, you do not need to learn MultiMarkdown or LaTeX. These methods allow images to work as well, but are much more complicated and require installing vast, industrial strength typesetting engines and so forth.

See. I told you someone smarter would come along. Granted it isn’t hard to find someone smarter than me around here.


Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I haven’t tried it out yet but it’s good to know that it can be done when I’m ready to compile the draft. Thank goodness I don’t have to learn MultiMarkdown or LaTeX because as I said before - I’m not very technically minded. I’m just a writer!

Thanks again