Working from zip backup files

I had problems when working with a zip backup file after I converted it and added text, saved it then opened it up again later. When I reopened the file a message box said another copy was open somewhere else/or I had not closed it properly. I couldn’t locate such an open file. Later another message box said the file was written in an earlier version of Scrivener, which mystified me, as I’m only using the current version. I finally lost the text.
But I found another Scrivener copy of my work in Documents and so only lost a little of the work I added to the converted zip file. Is there a procedure that should be followed when working with a zip file that would prevent my experience? Also, when making zip backups, is it good housekeeping to simply delete earlier versions to prevent a string of backup files building up, as each backup is given a new name (date)? Or is there a way to simply write over the previous zip backup file so there is only one backup to deal with?

I’m not sure what your workflow is in this context. Did you open your zipped backup because you’d lost your original project file? You state towards the end of your post that you found another copy of your Scrivener project – was this indeed the original? I’m a bit confused.

Sorry for the confusion. I used the backup as a test. So I would have had the original file still in Scrivener. But from what I can now recollect, I don’t think I had opened Scrivener before converting the backup file then clicking on my backed up work. Does that make sense and would that be the wrong thing to do? How should I use a zip file in the future if I run into an actual problem?

This is more a subject for a technical whizz, however, I have just done this:

Copy zipped Scrivener backup to Desktop.
Extract Scrivener project from zip file (I use BetterZip, but I think you just double click to use the system).
Launch Scrivener by clicking on Dock icon (it opens with last project I was working on)
Close the project that was opened at launch (via Scrivener’s File menu).
Open the previously zipped backup project (via Scrivener’s File menu).

It all seemed to work OK. It might be worth trying again and making sure you have closed all projects before opening the backup.

I usually keep three copies of the zipped backup. No special reason for three, it just seems a reasonable number. And I suppose it does have a mystical aura that is deeply embedded in Western culture!

Best wishes,

Martin BB.