"working" location after inserting a graphic

I have Scrivener on my main machine & on laptop. [both Max OS 10.9] On the main machine I insert a graphic, then hit the back carat, and the work space goes back to the text I was writing. I click on the displayed text, then click on the binder section to match, and it is back to entering text in the desired place. Life is good. :slight_smile:

With the laptop, this is NOT happening. I insert a graphic, hit the back carat, and it takes me to the beginning of the chapter. I mean, many pages away from where I’m working.

How do I tell it to go back to the ‘work site,’ not the chapter start?

I have a few points that may optimise how you are working, first:

I would refer to the “caret” as the blinking insertion point in the text editor, so I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but if you are talking about using the Back button, the one that works a bit like a web browser, then I would ask how you are importing graphics. The reason being, if I drag something like a JPG file from Finder into my project Binder somewhere, the editor doesn’t budge. I stay right where I am from the very start and I can go on typing. Maybe if you are not using that method, try that instead of whatever you are doing to import, currently.

You can probably make it easier on yourself by pressing Opt-Cmd-R (or Documents/Reveal in Binder menu command) as it will find and select the item for you. No that it really matters to do so, but if you wish to for reasons of preference that may be easier than hunting it down.

Again, it’s hard to say without knowing what precise actions you are taking. What does it mean to import (as in what did you do with your mouse, what menu commands did you use if any), what the “caret” is, what a chapter is (is it a folder with ten files, for example?). If you could just outline the steps you take point by point, then it would be easier for me to figure out what is potentially happenig.

What I’m doing now:

  1. I import a graphic into the Figures folders in the project. The binder is now focused on the graphic (or one above it). The text window (Document window?) shows a graphic. I click on the back arrow/carat in the text window (upper left of displayed text), and the text window goes back to my ‘work site.’ I click in there and build the <$img:…;w=250> to hold the figure. THEN I click on the work site’s folder in the binder. Gotta do that. So far, life is good.

  2. Then I option-drag the figure into the spot desired, so it will hold the link to the graphic. I click on the work site - straighten out the formatting of the <$img: stuff that didn’t get placed just right:) - and click once more on the work site’s folder in the binder. Gotta do that too.

If I do all these things, in that order, then I keep the work site in view and steady. I can import multiple graphics at once, if I know what they are before I write the text.

This works on my main machine. I will test it out on the laptop as soon as it completes compiling 137,000 words. I’m sorry I don’t use the ‘generally accepted terminology.’ I learned it in the tutorial, then lost it in favor of the working draft. My apologies for not responding more promptly. For the last 3 months the main machine was the workhorse. Next week will again test the laptop severely.