Working on a cloud-based project

New to Scrivener, and I have a newbie question - I have both Mac and PC licenses; what I now need to do is to have a project on a cloud server (e.g. dropbox or google drive for instance), and be able to edit/work on it using either the Mac or the Windows machine depending on where I am. Is this possible with Scrivener without constantly having to export to different formats? Would rather be able to use Scrivener than have to just go do everything in Google Docs…

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Hello Itorg, and welcome to the forum.

We have this Knowledge Base article about working cross-platform that should help answer many of your questions.

We also have this Knowledge Base article about using cloud-syncing services with Scrivener.

And, if you decide that cloud-syncing isn’t the approach you’d like to take, we have another Knowledge Base article with tips on alternatives to cloud-syncing services.


thank you for the links! The first one got me going and it is working well with Dropbox… I see I’ll have potential issues with links to research files, etc., and certainly there are a lot of headaches to match Mac and Windows fonts/settings, etc., but if I stick to formatting and finalisation of the document on just one machine, I think it will be just fine!