Working on ipad & syncing


Got a question. I’ve read the dropbox tutorial but there’s something I’m having trouble figuring out.

I want to store my working copy on my ipad, and keep a backup online, for those times I’m without internet access or want to preserve my battery.

According to instructions, I drag my project folder from ipad to dropbox. But then this deletes the files from my ipad. So, every time I use iOS, do I have to delete the project from dropbox, work on it locally, then transfer it back to dropbox and delete it locally?

How can I write locally and backup online when needed?

Thanks for any suggestions!


Projects in the “Dropbox” area in iOS Scrivener are still stored locally on the iPad, and are still accessible when you don’t have internet access. The difference is that these files are also synchronized with Dropbox and stored in their “cloud.”


Most cloud solutions means that you have all files on your computer or iPad but they are also copied to the cloud server. It’s the same on both Mac/PC and iPad.

What you have on your iPad is stored on your iPad but when you tap ‘Sync’ the files are copied to the Dropbox server. If you have a Mac/PC, the dropbox app on the computer downloads the latest versions of the files to the computer. So if you work on Scrivener on both a computer and an iPad your project exists in three places: on the computer, on the iPad and on the Dropbox server. With only an iPad you have it on the iPad and a copy on the Dropbox server (unless you explicitely tell the iPad to only keep it locally).

And if you have set your iPad to have backups on iCloud your files also exist as backup on iCloud so you can restore if the iPad crashes.

Thanks Katherine and lunk, that makes a lot of sense. The confusion was that I was hitting the ‘sync’ button, checking my dropbox and then seeing it was still empty. But if dragging the project to ‘dropbox’ means an automatic sync, that’s much easier. Appreciate the help!

Not automatic. You still have to tap the sync icon to actually upload or download files that have changed. But Scrivener will automatically notify you when there are changes to sync.