Working on Mac AND Windows???

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I’ve googled and searched but haven’t found any examples.

I just inherited an old iMac from a family member and was thinking of setting it up for my kids. I didn’t think it could be updated from 10.6.8.

well I found out I could update it to Yosemite and it is slow but runs okay . I’m thinking maybe now I can see what I’ve been missing as a windows user. :smiley:

I usually run run scrivener on my desktop at home (Win7) and my laptop (Linux Mint and Win7) and use dropbox to sync everything. Never an issue.

Are there any issues using the Mac version and then opening my project on a Win7 laptop? I don’t know if some weird glitch or formatting issue might arise.


The knowledge base addresses this topic to a wide extent. You may find these articles useful: … patibility … c-services

Hope this helps!