Working on multiple computers

Hi there,
I mostly work on my desktop computer, but once or twice a week I like to go out and use my Netbook in a cafe.

During the Beta versions I used to copy the whole project file back and forth (from desktop to netbook and vice versa) but in a later Beta version I got a warning message to say sharing files in that manner may corrupt the file. So since then I’ve been doing a compile in Word and then working on new sections in Word on my netbook, then copying and pasting them back into Scrivener once I get back to my desktop.

I’m about to start my edit, which I want to do entirely in Scrivener rather than going back and forth with Word. What’s the best way to set up my two computers to share the file and work on Scrivener on both machines? I can only find info relating to the Mac version about this.


Won’t say that my way is the ideal one, but maybe somebody will find it useful. I use it for a bit different reason (only one of my computers is really private and I hate it when people poke their uninvited noses into my writings), however it probably can be used in order to achieve smooth work across several machines.

What I have is a TrueCrypt container of 25 Mb (my two current projects take up approximately 10 Mb), in which the Scrivener project folder is stored. I mount it as a removable media, so the machine sees it as if it were a USB stick. Therefore the only thing I need is to move this container between the machines, mount it using TrueCrypt (can be run in portable mode which doesn’t require installation) and work right off the same “USB stick” everywhere. That means that the .scriv folder is not copied - it’s the same folder wherever you take the container. In order to sync this container between the machines I use Dropbox.

Might sound a bit complicated, but it works. :slight_smile:

How about using Dropbox to store the work in progress?
Use the File: Backup to…command and select the Dropbox folder.
At the other machine, download and expand the file.
When done writing, reverse the procedure.

Thanks! Although I thought this feature was only set up for Macs. Is it available on windows version 1.0 too? I didn’t think it was.