Working on the same document in Windows and on Mac

Hello. :slight_smile:

I have a small issue that annoys me a lot:
When the weather is fine I tend to sit outside or in my living room and write on my Macbook but sometimes I prefer to sit on my desk with my Windows PC.

I safe my project in Dropbox which works just fine as long as I havent open the same project on both computers.

I write in Menlo on Mac and really love the font. When I open the same project on my Windows PC the fonts are changed to Arial.
I have Meslo installed on Windows, it’s the same as Menlo just for Windows and it is free.
So I change all my sheets to Meslo.
When I open the same project on Mac, every sheet is changed to Helvetica.

I spend so much time with just changing fonts, isnt there an easier way?

Even if two fonts look alike to the naked eye, it does not mean that they present themselves as equivalent to the OS, so the system does not have a way of knowing it’s a suitable replacement font.

I run into the same problem some time ago and my conclusion is that you have to use the exact same font on both Windows and Mac to make the cross compatibility work seamlessly.

What I did was to install the same free font in both systems. There are plenty of nice free fonts that suited my needs. You may want to have a look at Cousine or Courier Prime. You may also try installing Meslo on your Mac.

Alternatively, you can install Menlo on your Windows PC, for which you will require a conversion tool like this one. However, I don’t know if it is legal to do this for your own use.

Hope this helps!