Working on two devices simultaneously

I have Scrivener on my MacBook Pro as well as on my iPhone and iPad. Sometimes, I need to step away from my laptop for a quick workout on the stationary bike. I can keep going through my notes on the iPad or my iPhone while on the bike, but will I have problems with the syncing given that I have not closed Scrivener on my computer?

If that’s the case, will it work if I were to back up and save what I have in Scrivener on my mac, not close Scrivener on my mac, but have it opened on my iPhone or iPad.

I would recommend always closing Scrivener on the Mac. It will remember where you were, and that way there’s much less chance for things to go wrong.

However, if you save and synchronize on the Mac before leaving it, then use the File -> Sync -> With Mobile Devices command when you get back, that should ensure that mobile changes are incorporated into the Mac’s version of the project.


Belated thank you for you too, Katherine!