working on two devices

I am wondering if there is any way to transfer my application settings – presets, formatting etc. to work on two different devices? I’d like it if my working environment is the same on each device. Thank you very much.

What are the “two devices”? Are they both Macs? Between Macs, various settings can be transferred. If one is a Mac and the other is an iOS device some like formatting presets can; if it’s a Windows device, probably not.

You need to look in the various “Manage …” dialogs in Preferences, etc. In general, any settings found in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/… can be copied and pasted into the same place in the other Mac.

For copying formatting presets and fonts to iOS devices, read the Tutorial in Scrivener for iOS.


Thank you Mark !
My devices are both macs . Would you have a link to share for more information on how to do this.
Thanks again for your response. I really appreciate it.


First of all, having made sure Scrivener is not running on either machine, access your user library, by holding down the Option key and with your mouse click on “Go” and you will see “Library” with a folder icon. Decide how you’re going to transfer the various items to your other machine … thumb drive, Airdrop, Dropbox …

(1) In the library, choose Application Support > Scrivener. From there, copy (hold down the option key and drag) the Compile Formats, CompileSettings, Layouts and Templates (if you’ve made your own versions of any of those) to however you’re doing the transfer.

(2) Now choose Library > Preferences and copy two files named ‘com.literatureandlatte … .plist’ to the same your transfer location.

On your second computer open the library and copy the folders from Application Support to the same location in Application Support > Scrivener and copy the two *.plist files into Library > Preferences.

If you’re not sure about any of that, come back here before you do anything.