Working with a 'non-Scrivener' editor

Can anyone share how to work best with non-Scrivener agents and editors?

I usually put my finalized first manuscript draft together into a Word doc because that’s the only thing my agent ‘gets’. I have to make little changes here and there in that Word document to make sure the ‘translation’ from Scrivener to Word has gone smoothly.

BUT there’s always a lot more work to do – work that I’d still prefer to do in Scrivener. WHICH then requires, re-importing/exporting and dealing with all those original little changes I had to make when I exported the first draft into Word (and now have to make again, now that we’ve done more work).

There’s tons of redundancy in the Scrivener–>Word–>Scrivener–>Word process and often I miss little things here and there on the second go around.

Any advice?

This recent thread deals with the problem: