working with a tablet; synching

It appears from David Hewson’s book that there are all sorts of clever ways to keep a scrivener project synched with an external repository in the Mac version. In particular, it seems that if you keep your project on dropbox or something similar, the individual rtf/text files can be edited on a tablet and the Mac versions of Scrivener will treat the results cleverly when it is reopened.

I know this isn’t in the Windows version yet, and I assume there is no sensible answer to questions about progress.

But what would happen if I simply started fiddling in project files outside Scrivener, while still using Windows version 1.6.whatever?


Short answer, you could Possibly corrupt your project and make it completely unusable. If you’re wanting to tinker, I’d suggest making a backup or two beforehand.

If the Windows version has the File: Backup to… command,
Check the “Backup as ZIP file” and direct the file to your Dropbox folder.
You should not lose any data then.
At least, that’s how it works on Mac.

Thanks. I will investigate further!