Working with Chapters Instead of Scenes

I am a complete beginner with this software despite the fact that I’ve owned it since roughly 2016. Trying to re-establish use today reminded me why I stopped trying to use it: there is just so much offered within the software that I am completely overwhelmed. Furthermore, the directions and tips within the “New Project” template for a novel is just as baffling. As the title might suggest, I want to work with chapters as a whole rather than individual scenes. The “Novel Format” section at the very top of the binder area mentions that there is a way to essentially reformat your template to do just that, and there’s even an entire section directing how. Be that as is may, I can’t seem to even follow the directions because I can’t locate parts of them, The directions state:

[i]Working with chapters instead of scenes: By default, this project is set up so that you write each scene as a separate text document. If you don’t like to break things up quite that much and would prefer to write an entire chapter in each text document, make the following changes:

  1. Rename the “Scene” document to use your chapter title and move it so that it is on the same level as the “Chapter” folder rather than being inside it.
  2. Move the “Chapter” folder to the Trash.
  3. Create a new text document for each chapter.
  4. In the “Separators” pane of the Compile dialog, change the “Text separator” setting to “Page break”.
  5. If your scene separators are centred (for instance if you are using “#” as the scene separator) and you want them to appear centred in the compiled document, too, select them and choose Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting.[/i]

I can follow the steps up until step 4 where it mentions the “Separators” pane. I don’t know what the “Compile dialog” is or where to find it, and I’ve Googled the heck out of this before I tried posting my own topic. I’ve attached three images of what I am looking at. The first attachment/image is just of the main screen, and in the second I have circled in red the only thing I’ve been able to locate that explicitly states “Compile.” The third image is what pops up when I click on that “Compile” icon, which does not give me any options to view anything even remotely resembling the words “Separators,” “Text separator,” or “Page break.”

I would LOVE to work with Scrivener more, but I’ve spent HOURS trying to figure this out–and yes, I went through the tutorial, so maybe I’m just obtuse–and wasted what I had planned to be a day of fleshing out characters and transcribing what I have planned on paper into this software. (I suppose what makes me so frustrated here is that Scrivener doesn’t seem to be a software that has any ability to be intuitive to its users…)

Please help me, and thank you in advance.

scrivener novel template 3.JPG

Have you clicked on the big blue arrow to the right of the first drop down box in the Compile dialogue? It’s a long time since I’ve used the Windows version, but AFAIR that’s where the detailed compilation options are kept.

I could be wrong…

Thank you for your response. This seems to be the correct answer. I (incorrectly) assumed that this would initiate compiling, so I avoided clicking buttons I was unsure of. Again, really appreciate the answer. Thank you!

You’re welcome - glad it helped!