Working with Collections

Now that I better understand collections I am finding them very helpful in tracking multiple plot threads. I love being able to flit around from thread to thread. But I’m running into something that isn’t a dealbreaker, just frustrating, and I’m thinking maybe someone with more experience has a workaround.

In my binder I have moved all my snippets or pieces of the book that I might end up cutting into a holding folder which is in the research folder, just to have everything out of the way. That works great when I’m in the binder because I can just work on the active sections. But when I move to collections cards that are in the holding folder show up in the collections which is confusing.

I’d rather not go to the hassle of untagging all the cards in the holding folder, one by one, but that’s the only way I can think of to get them to no longer show up in collections.

Am I right in this way of thinking or am I missing something?


Let me simplify my question: :smiley:

Is there a way to bypass having cards show up in collections?

Example: search is on keyword red
some cards with keyword red have been moved to a tickler folder for possible deletion
they keep showing up in the “red” collection

Can I make that not happen without removing all the keywords in case I want to use those cards again?

Thank you.

if i,ve understood you correctly…

Go to the search box where you perform the keyword search for red.
click on the little drop down arrow that shows the options for the search.
Select “Search Manuscript Only”
Save this new search as a collection.

Oh yes!!! Thank you. Whew! I knew there had to be an easier way. I missed that when initially building the collections.

Thank you so very much.

In the same vein, what are “included documents” and “excluded documents”?

If you look at the general meta-data in the middle of the inspector, you’ll see an “Include in compile” option that can be checked or not. (This is also visible in the Contents pane of compile or as a column in the outliner, so you can easily work with a lot of files at once.) This setting only affects items that are within the compile group (typically the Draft folder, though it is possible to compile collections also), so it’s usually something you just leave on by default but want to deselect if you’ve included a document of notes inside the Draft, for instance–something you wanted to keep right beside your main text, but which you don’t want included in the final output.

The search option determines whether that “include in compile” setting has any impact on the search scope.

Thanks for the explanation!