Working with Git

I’m completely new to the world of authoring and Scrivener. Originally I’m a software-developer and I now want to write an e-book about what I do.

I want to use Scrivener on Windows and I also write when I’m in the train using my Android device. Since there isn’t an Android version of Scrivener available yet, I write in Markdown with JotterPad and version my files using Git.

I read somewhere, that version 3 of Scrivener can handle Markdown Files. Is that correct?

It would be great if I could keep writing in Markdown and sync the files with my Scrivener project and Scrivener automatically interprets the Markdown. Will this be possible with Version 3 on Windows?

Also if I write in Scrivener using headlines and chapters and stuff, Scrivener should sync it back and create Markdown syntax.
Will this be possible as well?

Is it also possible to sync pictures additionally to the Markdown files?

Thanks a lot for writing this Software. It Looks like it will help me a lot in the future.


Scrivener 1 can handle markdown text, in the same way that v3 can, but it’s not what you’re hoping for; the files will still be RTF format, it’s just that on compiling to a MMD compatible output, the RTF formatting will be ignored, except if you use certain features in Scrivener that get translated to markdown.

What you probably want to explore is using Scrivener’s “File->Sync->With External Folder” feature, specifying plain text as the external files format, and point it to a folder that’s synced with your android device in some way (Git, I assume).

Check out the manual for more details on external file syncing.