Working with index cards

Is it possible to enlarge the size of the index cards to avoid having to scroll down to input/read them? Clicking and dragging a corner doesn’t do the trick.

Thanks for any help!

All the cards are going to end up the same size, so keep that in mind (if you want variable sized synopses, then I’d go with the outline view instead).

In the lower right corner of the corkboard, there should be a tiny icon that looks like 4 index cards if you squit really hard (or have really good eyesight). Click that to adjust all sorts of cork board/index card appearance settings, such as shape, size, spacing between, auto-sizing based on cork board width, etc… Other options for appearance can be set in Tools->Options->Coarkboard, and the sub-menus of “View” labeled “Corkboard Options” and “Use Label Color in”.

Thank you Robert. I was growing weary of using the scroll bar in Cork Board view

I have a new question.

I have just started using Scrivener for actual writing (thus far I had just been using it to rearrange existing material).

So, to outline, I wanted to follow the suggestion of someone on YouTube (Erin somebody), and use the Corkboard. My question is: Is there some quick way to add a new index card? The suggestion on the tutorial was to duplicate an existing card, and then edit it, or to double-click on the corkboard. The author was using Scrivener on Mac, and when I tried it on my Windows copy, double-clicking did absolutely nothing. No, actually, it popped me up to another item, the previous level, in fact.

??? Any ideas? I mean, duplicating an existing card seems a rather desperate way to add a card…

Three ways to do this easily:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N to create a new card.
  2. Click the “new document” button in the left of the corkboard footer.
  3. In Tools > Options, choose Corkboard, then at the top, change the “empty space double-click” behaviour from “Open the parent corkboard” to “Create a new card”.

Have been away for a bit, but wanted to thank you for the response!

You can also just press enter to create a new card. That is my favourite way to bang out a bunch of cards one after the other by a long shot. It also works in the Binder and Outliner.

Note that with the default settings, hitting Enter while you’re typing in the index card’s synopsis will just add a new line, so you’ll need to first hit Escape, then Enter to create a new card. (Or you can change this behaviour under Options\Navigation, so Enter ends editing, and then you’d hit Enter twice–to end editing, then to create a new card. There’s no alternative way to create new lines on the corkboard cards, though, so if you need that it’s best to leave the default setting.)

[size=85](I’m really only writing this because I’m embarrassed I didn’t add the Enter option in my earlier answer and I’m saving face. :wink: Like Ioa, it’s the number-one way I create new items. Whoops!)[/size]