Working with Linux and Mac both ?

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I’d like to know if it is possible to work on the same project with Linux and Mac Scrivener versions?
I mean, I got a Mac at home and, soon, an Ubuntu mobile PC. I’d like to work with my two machines.

What do you think?

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I don’t know, I use just the linux version (with different machines, using dropbox) and works fine.
Try to open your mac backup project file with the linux machine and contrarily the modified backup file with Mac.

Try. No fear working with the backup file.

The linux version is basically the same as the Windows version, maybe one step behind. Both are some way behind the current Mac version which has had many more years development. There’s a thread somewhere in the Windows forum which points out differences … for instance, you’ll have to use inline comments and footnotes on the Mac, as inspector comments and footnotes not having been implemented on Windows/Linux yet so won’t show up, if I remember rightly. And there are other things, I’m sure.


I share some projects between Mac and Linux, and it mostly works. The comment above about not using inspector annotations/footnotes is the main issue that I see. I can’t get to the text of an inspector annotation made in Mac from Linux.

In the newest Linux beta, the word that is selected as the anchor for an inspector annotation is highlighted with flanking vertical red lines. This seems to indicate that the Linux version is now at least aware of the inspector content, but the handling is very poor. Mousing over the anchor word usually does nothing, but it sometimes brings up a text box. Once or twice this text box has had some text (the contents of the annotation) in it, but more typically, the box is solid black, or solid white. I guess handling such annotations is a feature in development. That’s par for the “free public beta” course, I think, but it does mean that if you want your shared project to be pretty, accessible, and stable, you need to steer clear of inspector annotations and footnotes.

I have also had some issues synchronizing projects with rsync and dropbox, where the I got more than one “.scrivx” file in the top level project directory. I’m not sure how this happened, but in any case, the one that the Mac was using automatically for that directory wasn’t the one I chose to open in Linux, and this led to getting the project corrupted, and having to copy it over again. I expect that careful (manual) handling of the project could avoid this sort of issue, but if you are going to use automated or scripted synchronization software, I’d make sure to keep a clean backup of the project out of reach of said software, just in case.

Nothing very significant to add to the last poster, but since I rarely use those features, I’ve been using Scrivener on Linux/Mac for months without troubles. My only word of advice: compile always on the Mac, for a frustration free experience.

Does someone would be ok to send me a linux version of his project, to see what happen when i open it in my Scrivener Mac version?

That could be so nice!


You could download the linux tarball and extract the Tutorial.scrivx directory, which is basically the Windows tutorial. That would give you a big complex project to work with.

Sure. Here’s my recipe project. It was originally created on a mac (blank project because we didn’t have that template yet). Then it was edited mostly on Windows/Wine and Linux.

FYI, this is also the one I was getting to crash in the RTF error thread. (278 KB)

Dear Garpu!

Thank you so much. It works very well! But I don’t see any keyword, comment, tag, meta-data. Is it normal?

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Yeah, because I didn’t use any. :slight_smile: