Working With Outside Editors

I am using Scrivener to write my next book. I work with two editors that are giving me feedback. I am writing them separated by chapters and would like to send them the chapters one at a time, get them back with their comments or revisions and then apply needed changes to the final document. What is the best way to do this:

  • export each chapter out to Word and send them word doc. Look at word doc and paste revised chapter back into scrivener?
  • use google docs?
  • any other options?
    Help in this would greatly help me.



Any other options? Persuading your editors to buy and install Scrivener?

I assume that these “editors”
Do not have the final say on the MS
But that you do.
With editors at a publishing house,
They usually have the last word.

Definitely use Google Docs.
You may share the same file
And all of their comments
Will show in it.

Clean up the text and export it
Into the word processor preferred
By your publisher. Which usually
Alas is Word. :cry:

Yes you are correct in that I have the final say. Thanks. The google docs is the avenue I have been going on. Thanks so much! Other thoughts are certainly welcomed.

What about using external Folder Sync and the RTF format? Create a folder on Dropbox, set up folder sync with that folder, and then your editors can read and edit the RTF files (in Word or another word processor) and you can sync any changes back to Scrivener.

All the best,