Working with Scrivener and Framemaker


Just discovered Scrivener following an article in this month’s ‘Communicator’ (tech author journal). I’d like to hear from anyone using Scrivener as the drafting tool and Framemaker as the publishing package. In particular, I’m interesting in your workflow and how you manage (or not) to keep the Scrivener draft in sync with the final published version in FM.

At what point do you export to FM - when you’re 99.9% sure there’s not going to be any more changes, or at 90% when you know there’s probably going to be some changes but you’ve got to get a version out as deadlines are fast approaching and you can make any final updates directly in FM.

Is the process of re-formatting in FM tedious or a cinch? Where do you make updates - in Scrivener and then export again, or directly in FM, which risks getting out of sync with the draft version.

Is it easy to go from FM to Scrivener?

Scrivener could just be what I’ve been looking for, but I’m concerned it might complicate my workflow and result in two out-of-sync versions of a document.