Working with the Comic template question

I’m writing a graphic novel script and working with the comic template. It’s mostly wonderful, but it can get a bit cumbersome when switching between features (or whatever each style is called).

I think the thing that is troubling me the most is getting a new Panel. In order to do this I am doing the following:

  • Hit the return key to bring up the contextual menu
  • Hit the down key and select Panel Number by hitting return again
  • Type a “P” which generates another contextual menu. From there I can hit return and I’ll get a new panel line with an autonumber.

That’s 5 actions each time I want a new panel. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much, but when you have 4-6 panels per page, it starts to be a real pain.

Is there some keyboard shortcut or other means of more quickly generating this line?

I also see a menu at the bottom status bar showing the styles available in the template. I know I can manually select them, but they also have numbers. Not sure what the function is for that, but hitting numbers on my keyboard doesn’t seem to trigger selecting.

Occasionally if I go back to edit a line, the template seems to get “lost” in that the normal next thing doesn’t appear right. I’ll start getting a certain style over and over and am forced to manually change it. Not sure why that happens.

But the main issue is all the extra keystrokes. I am hoping there is a way to minimize this.

  1. CMD OPT 1 to select Panel Number
  2. P
  3. Enter

All of the elements can be accessed with CMD OPT and 1 for Panel number, and 2 for Panel description, etc.

The comic template is regarded as a form of scriptwriting. Section 19 of the manual has tips on using scriptwriting elements.