working with two different panes?

i have two different sets of scenes in separate folders… is there a way to compare them side by side, and then possibly move a scene from one pane to the other? my end goal is to fold some of the new scenes from the separate folder into the original scenes folder - but i need to view them together so i can properly compare them — thx, TM


The best way to do this would be to split the editor vertically (Option-click on the split button in the editor header bar, or cmd-"). You can then load one scene in the left and another scene in the right pane. Or, you can use scrivenings mode in each to see several scenes in each at once. Here is one possible way of going about this:

  1. Make sure the editor is split vertically (or horizontally if you prefer it).

  2. Click into the left editor to give it the focus, and then click on the folder containing one set of scenes.

  3. Click on Scrivenings mode in the “Group Mode” button in the toolbar (cmd-1).

  4. Lock the editor (View > Editor > Lock in Place, or opt-cmd-L). The editor header bar will turn pink to indicate it is locked. While it is locked, clicks in the binder will not affect this editor, so obviously you’ll need to unlock it (in the same way) when you need to load different documents in it later.

  5. Now do the same thing with the right editor, loading the other folder of scenes into it in Scrivenings mode.

  6. You now have both folders loaded in each pane, with all scenes visible in Scrivenings mode. Because the editors are locked, you can also manipulate documents in the binder without changing documents in the editor. If you move a document from folder to the other, this will be reflected in scrivenings mode (the scene will automatically move to the correct place in the other pane).

Hope that helps.

All the best,