Works That Publishers Rejected

Interesting article here on 15 classic works of sci-fi or fantasy rejected by publishers.
The moral of all those stories:
Never give up.
Many editors are either lazy or fools.
No matter how great the book, they won’t see it.
Same thing is true of prize juries.
The quiet heroes: agents with lots of patience and faith.

That’s a rather shocking list isn’t it?

Particularly Rowling. What happened there? Was it a weak spark that needed some dry tinder before growing to a fine flame?

Keep writing. That’s all.


I’m not sure whether to take heart because of that article, or to become depressed. You can look at it one of two ways:

  1. Even the best faced rejection.
  2. People better than you got rejected.

Guess I’ll shoot for the former :wink:

Some great stories of dogged persistence in the face of misjudgement. I particularly like the Animal Farm saga, which I did not know.

On a parallel theme, I used to know a news editor who spiked the first story about the dangers of thalidomide – “Not what our readers want to read at breakfast.” Other than that, he was a very good news editor.

I remember reading something like that (but with different books though)
Just goes to show that (almost?) everyone gets rejected, even the best.