Works With Windows 8?

Hello. I’ve been using the software exclusively for about a year now and I love it. I use both a netbook and a desktop PC with Windows 7 to write and shift my projects between them all the time. The netbook, though, is wearing out and the choices are limited for Windows 7 machines these days. I may end up with a Windows 8, so I have a couple of questions for anyone currently using Scrivener on a Windows 8 machine.

First question, does Scrivener work well with Windows 8?
Second question, has anyone shifted projects from one operating system to another and back again and has that caused any problems?

Any advice would be appreciated. If this is the wrong place to post my questions, I apologize.

We do rate the software as being compatible with Windows 8. It will run as a standard desktop program (rather than a tile, naturally). There shouldn’t be any issues with moving your projects over to the new computer as the file format hasn’t changed and there has been no need to adjust anything with it to get things working with Win 8. Scrivener projects are, if you are unaware, just folders with a lot of standard text files in them, as well as RTF files. There isn’t anything special about them that would cause problems by moving them around in a fashion conducive to any file and folder transfer. The only thing to be careful of is to make sure and copy the entire project folder (the one that contains the “project” file as well as the sub-folders). If you copy just the project file then you’ll not have moved the data and it will be empty.

Thank you. That helps. I actually use Dropbox to access my files from one computer to another so sounds like there shouldn’t be any problems.

I regularly use my Windows 8 laptop, my Surface Pro (running Windows 8.1 preview), and my Windows 7 desktop to work on the same set of Scrivener projects without any issues.