workspace not refreshing, text going tiny

I’m a NaNoer. I’m working on the same project as last year. I only mention this because in the past, I haven’t had any problems with Scrivener at all, but I’ve had a lot of trouble with it this year.

Last year, I wrote ~60,000 words on a Windows 7 machine without a hitch.

This year, I’m running Scrivener on a new Windows 8 laptop, starting at 60k and have gotten to about 75k, but Scrivener has been doing this strange thing where the cursor vanishes, and words I type don’t show up unless I scroll up and back down again, like commands are going through but it isn’t refreshing. I’m wondering if maybe I’ve just got so much data in my file it’s bogging the program down? Apart from my manuscript, I also have dozens of reference pages with concept art and the like.

There’s also a bug where entire sentences or paragraphs at random will become extremely tiny, even though they still say they’re formatted at 12pt and my zoom is at 100%. When this happens, all the unaffected text looks fine, it’s just the randomly affected text that appears tiny. WHen this happens, I have a hard time selecting the tiny text and can’t make it normal sized again.

All of these glitches are temporarily fixed when I close and reopen Scrivener, but it’s becoming extremely tiresome as something seems to go wrong every five or ten minutes. Any idea what the problem is?

Are you working in Scrivenings mode, where multiple documents are loaded in the editor? There is a zoom problem we know about with that, especially prevalent in lengthy sessions (either a lot of documents or long documents), which can cause text to appear cut off toward the end of a document in the session or different sections of text to look zoomed out or with negative inter-line spacing (so the lines of text may appear on top of each other).

I’m not aware of any problems like this outside of Scrivenings mode, so that’s the first thing I’d check in your project. There’d be at least one dashed line across the editor separating documents (it might just be one at the top or bottom of the editor, with no text above or below it, depending on your binder setup) and the leftmost icon in the set of three group view buttons in the main toolbar would look like several sheets of paper and be highlighted yellow.

Switching to view a single document at a time should fix the problems if this is the cause, as it’s just a display bug to do with loading the multiple files. If you need to work in Scrivenings, you might try dividing the documents into shorter sections and loading just a few at a time to avoid the glitching.

you were right- I am in Scrivenings mode! I didn’t think about it at first because I have my story partitioned with the first ~60k from last year in a separate folder, but I 've been working in Scrivening mode this year because I’m lazy and it tells me this year’s total word count without having to run stats. Of course it’s struggling, it’s trying to manage 20k words all at once! I guess I didn’t realize how much I’ve written.

I’ll try to work within each individual document from now on and see if it still glitches. Thank you for your help!