Worktime tracking

Hi Scrivener Team,

Since Scrivener is my central planning, writing and production App/Tool, I wish it would have an integrated time tracking system that shows me not only charactes and word count, but also working hours on project or document. This would give me a better idea over time, on projecting a novel.

I sah a falling star last nicht, so you need to take this wish seriously. :wink:


I’ve found that Timing is very good for this, as it tracks both per application and per document. So it can capture related activities across Scrivener, DevonThink, and Chrome and summarize them by project or client.


Hi Katherine,

This was a very good hint and it looks the App is really perfect for what I need.
I just pulled it from the App Store and it is already running on my Mac.
Thank you!


You may be pleased to hear that a new version, Timing 2 - more flexible, less “mechanistic” in its tracking if you wish it to be, and less in-your-face in its UI - is currently in beta.

Hi Hugh,

Sounds great to me. :slight_smile:
So there will be two Apps I am waiting for now … Scrivener 3 - and Timing 2. :slight_smile:


You don’t have to wait. You can get the new beta version of Timing 2 right now. Just contact the developers.

I came to request this feature.

I’m on PC, so I can’t use Timing.

I’d like to have a “work log” toolbar with a dropdown box for “writing”, “revising”, “editing”, and “custom labels”. You could click a button to manually start/stop logging. It would be ideal if it logged time for each individual section as well as overall totals for the project.

It would also be nice if logging could be set to start automatically when a dropbox option is selected; the program could start logging and only stop after five minutes of inactivity (no keypresses or mouse movement), and then start again when activity is detected. This way the user wouldn’t have to worry about leaving Scrivener open while away from the PC and messing up their log times.