Worried about version compatibility

I have Scrivener on my ancient MacBook Pro, which for various reasons is still using El Capitan.It’s the “latest” version of El Capitan, but still an old operating system. The version of Scrivener I have there is 2.8. When I clicked “check for updates,” it suggested, which isn’t the latest version; the latest is 3. something.

I have a new iMAC with the latest version of High Sierra. I want to put Scrivener on it, but since I need to use my laptop away from home, I want to be sure that the things I put on my new machine will sync fine with my old machine, especially if I can’t have the same versions on both machines.

Will I have a problem syncing and editing? Any suggestions?

You won’t be able to sync, since they use different project format versions. Rather from your newer Mac you would use the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener 2 Project… menu command, to save a copy that the older version can work with. Going back in the other direction is easier, as you need only open it, which will go through the typical project update routine.

Of course you can also install 2.x on your new Mac, if you haven’t actually upgraded to version 3 yet.