wot I wrot

Hello, I just joined,so I thought I would start here as anywhere. I just paid real money for scrivener as I think its great. Currently I am working on a YA and have a fantasy and an SF that got seriously considered by a UK major hidden in a drawer somewhere. Those and dozens of fragments, ideas and notes. But its all good fun.

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:


The reason Captn Keith has a :slight_smile: after his signature, is: hes a sicko and hes smiling because he knows youll go insane, if you hang around,Scrivs`, forums for more than a few seconds at a time.

Unfortunately, if youve actually read this post, youve been here too long anyway. So welcome onboard Scriv.


PS wot moors?
PPS Your reference to your employment status as being in a state of FLUX could have an undesirable affect on one of the crew members; who at this very moment is under heavy sedation.

employment status now no longer in a state of flux, thank heavens. As for the moors - they have a beast on them, if you know what I mean.

Congrats on attaining gainful employment :laughing:

Theres an intriguing possibility, that the member of Scrivs crew, kept under sedation, hails from the same part of the realm. His name is juddbert, aka: [i]The Beast of Bodmin Moor.[/i] Would that be the moor in question?

In the meantime: A Very Merry Christmas and Successful New Year to You!
Take care

that’s the one - and it was more of a case of hanging on to gainful employment during a mindless and pointless reorganization. Still, all sorted for now. Now I can concentrate on writing again.