would like: modifier key to prevent automatic expansion...

I would like: a modifier key or some way to prevent automatic expansion of folders into which a file is moved. (Forgive me if there is a way of doing this – if so I haven’t found it.) As I work with the binder, it’s sometimes useful for me to quickly drag and drop various files into appropriate folders, and having each folder pop open each time can sort of make navigation a bit more fiddly than it needs to be.

As always, great product.

I’m afraid that this is just an OS X thing - when you hold a drag over a folder, it will automatically open.There’s no way to turn off that behaviour on OS X in general. If it’s just a problem with folders staying open, though, you can select “Collapse auto-expanded outline items after drag and drop” in the “Navigation” options of the preferences.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Ah. Wasn’t aware of that option.

I have to say that almost each time that I see something in Scrivener that I wish would behave slightly differently, after digging around a bit I find that what I want is pretty much already there. And in cases like this, I just haven’t dug long enough.

I own Devonthink Pro Office, Tinderbox, OmniOutliner Pro, Circus Ponies Notebook… application after application which, although each has somewhat different functionality, in each case I purchased so that I could collect info and docs, make connections and associations between collected documents, and then write something. In almost every respect, Scrivener is a better and more useable program than any of them, with quicker developer response, and at a lower price… in some cases way, way lower. But… you must know that by now.

That’s very kind of you to say, thank you. :slight_smile: (Although I am rather drunk by this point on a Saturday night, and I have just been dragged away from SingStar…)

(Psst. It’s Friday night. :wink:)

Oops. :blush: And now I can’t remember how Cargo ended.