Would like to get a "total" of word count in the outliner

Hi all in the community,

When I keep entering the intended word count of various subsections in the outliner view, I would like to instantaneously know the total number to which the individual numbers add up.

Is it currently possible in Scrivener, or can we have that feature in near future?

Thanks in advance.

Well firstly, given the specific details of your example here, you could easily achieve what you are looking for with the Project/Project Statistics menu command. You aren’t looking for a total within one section of the draft, in other words, but rather the entire draft, and that tool is built for getting that information.

That aside, you can indeed get the totals for arbitrary containers within the outline as well, using the “Total” column you’ve added. You might be thinking of this more as a spreadsheet or ledger layout, where there would be a summation of each row at the bottom of a column. But since this is an outliner, kind of more like Explorer in “Details” view mode, it would be weird to have a row of text within the view that isn’t actually another file.

So instead, the summation is embedded directly into the outline: by viewing the container of the items in question. You can’t see that happening in your example because you’re already at the very top “Draft” (and thus a full-Draft statistics window is good enough), but if you select the latter four documents in that list and used the Documents/Group command, then you would see the total word count for those files printed beside the folder that contains them—the total for that folder.