Would Scriv iOS consider supporting multiple folders in DropBox?

Rather than everything having to be in one folder in Dropbox, would L&L consider having projects be able to reside in different folders in DropBox.

Scenario: In DropBox I have a separate folder for each story. All files that concern that story are kept in that folder. I’d like to be able to keep the Scrivener file for that story in the folder as well. Right now, the Scrive file has to reside in a separate folder where all Scriv files are kept.

I just like clean bookkeeping.

If you wanted, you could use the parent folder that contains all of your writing folders as the iOS Scrivener Dropbox folder. iOS Scrivener handles subfolders just fine, and would only be able to “see” the Scrivener projects.

The downside of this is that the full contents of the parent folder would sync to the iOS device, so you’d need to be sure there was room for it.