Would so LOVE to see Scrivener 3 for Windows during the Coronavirus Shutdown

3DRealms made some of the most beloved shooters of all time. Some of the most smash hit first person shooter software to ever hit the market. They were among the best at that in the world, hammering home hit after hit.

Look up Duke Nukem Forever.

You might have heard of John Romero. If you haven’t, you don’t really need to take this kind of attitude. If you have, you know of his prowess and skill, and how much amazing software has his name attached.

Look up Daikatana.

Multi year delays are not the exception in this industry. They’re common, recurring events, which come when the software being developed takes seemingly small steps outside of the previously established norm.

And Scrivener steps way outside the norm for Windows software.

In short, your statements betray a stunning lack of insight into the reality of software business.

Fade In has a MUCH narrower scope than Scrivener. Your statement that L&L could learn from that is laughable. Seriously, you’re spouting off about things you do not understand here. There is no similarity in scope and capability.

Yes, Fade In is extraordinarily capable in its chosen scope. It is a fantastic piece of software, well worth looking at if what you are doing is screenplays, and nothing more. But it is NOT comparable, in any sense, to Scrivener. The scope of Scrivener is SO MUCH LARGER that there simply is no comparison.

Also, the core point of Scrivener is not that it is cross-platform. The vast majority of users are unlikely to use this capability (except between iOS and one of the computer platforms). The core point of Scrivener is that it leverages the platform it is one extremely well, at least in the case of iOS and MacOS. Removing that would remove one of Scrivener’s main strengths. Windows is a different matter; there is not much to leverage there. There, the strength of Scrivener is native code and good feature parity with MacOS Scrivener. And those are very good strengths indeed.

Win V3 beta 44 up with the shortest list of fixes ever - Woohoo!

Maybe they didn’t have a very productive period, or the remaining bugs are proving harder to tackle and hence the betas are having fewer fixes. I don’t think it’s wise to create expectations when the official L&L it’s not offer any date or whereabouts… When they release the final version, whenever that is, they’ll make sure we’ll know, and I’ll have my credit card ready. In the meanwhile I’ll keep on writing on my old second hand MacBook Air.

I didn’t create any expectation, and don’t recall suggesting any imminent release, unless you conjured something up between the lines. Just expressed my pleasure, given what I saw as a good number of fixes from the issues I’d been tracking, and my perception of progress.

Meanwhile I’ll keep writing on Macbook Pro and Win beta.

Hey, everyone. Make novels, not war…

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I still pop in here to check if we have a Windows v3 release a couple of times a week. As soon as there is one, I will throw money at L&L. In the meantime I have continued to work on 1.9

It will happen when it happens.

I can write and publish in 1.9, quite happily but the iOS version on my iPad has made me realise what extra bells and whistles I will acquire so the move to the windows beta may happen soon for me. :mrgreen:

I honestly feel a Mac in my future after years of working on PC, as soon as ‘she who holds the purse strings’ decides I have earned enough to justify it. :smiley:

Ah, the dreaded ‘holder of the royal purse’, ‘chancellor of the exchequer’, ‘minister of war’. :laughing:

I am attempting to get budget sign off on an XPS 13 or similar for work that requires Extensive testing on an actual Win machine rather than Win under Parallels.

Fear not, my primary machine will remain Mac.

Why should we fear? I am already in awe of your monetary prowess.

Considering history of this promise it is unlikely there wil ever be the same version cross platform.
By the time scrivener 3 for windows will be released, the Mac version will probably be 4 or 5.

3 posts and the two I’ve seen are just troll bs.

There are dozens (hundreds?) of us enjoying complete cross platform compatibility. Win V3 beta is already cross platform compatible with the Mac version if you bothered to check.

Your perception of progress, yeah.

Anyway. You’re becoming the official bully of this site. Any post that steers from your perception is shot down in flames. Stop for a while will ya? Let people complain for the delay if they fee like, and let the good people of L&L defend themselves if they like it, we’ve got enough nerds in fedora hats and their m’lady’s infecting the web already.

‘In other words… Let me bitch all I want, make unsupportable claims, insults. Anyone who disagrees is a bully?

Last time I looked I, and others were entitled to Push back (attempt to educate?) against what we consider to be uninformed, unreasonable posts.

Actually Team L&L, please close my Forum account. Feel free to delete all my posts as well if you wish.

Reality is I will never be able to stop myself responding to some of the self-entitled crap and BS abuse aimed at L&L and the team.

If I don’t have an account I won’t post.

Have no fear, I’m still one VERY happy cx and respect the team at L&L for the great product, hard work and self control that prevents them from telling some people to go do anatomically impossible things. :slight_smile:

When the excellent Windows V3 is released to public, I will be one of the first to purchase.

This applies to yourself as well, doesn’t it? :smiley:
The only difference is that you criticize those that criticize those that complain. And now I criticize you, who criticize those who criticize those that criticize what they perceive as a “delay”.
Maybe you are challenging the position as “official bully”? :smiley:

But that’s really an inofficial title, invented by you, isn’t it? :open_mouth:


All of you are sounding like you’ve been cooped up with nothing to do for too long.

Please step away from your computers (or at least this thread) for a bit.


I think we’re just procrastinating. :smiley:

Fortunately with a new release candidate, we got things to do and stuff to check. Perhaps the good people at L&L will be gracious enough to release V3 for Windows, take my money and then I will go back to my favourite complaint: the incomplete Spanish localization in both the Mac and Windows version :smiling_imp:

With some luck I will even have some time left to write!!! :unamused:

i dont know bro

Openup? :smiley: