Would this be a small thing?


I’m using Scrivener for a number of different things now, in particular for editing translations, as I’ve mentioned before. Thing is, when doing so, with the wide screen of my MacBook Pro, I like to have a vertical split, with the original text in one split and the translation I’m editing in the other. Perfect.

What would make it even more perfect is if I could get a vertical split by clicking the button. I can get it by selecting from the menu, or with the keystroke – which I guess I’ll remember eventually – but can I suggest a preference, whereby a user could choose whether the default split on clicking the button is horizontal or vertical.

Would that be a “not this decade” kind of wish? :slight_smile:


Try holding down the option key when clicking on the split button.

Aye, Option inverses the default function of the split button, which is whatever it was when you used it last. So if the little line in the button is horizontal, Option-clicking will create a vertical split. The next time, the little line in the button should be vertical, and you can click it normally.

Thanks Janra and AmberV, I’ll give it a try. Because the only time I used the button it gave me a horizontal split, and I then found vertical split in the menu, I didn’t think to investigate modifier keys with the button.

That said, I’m largely a keyboarder by preference, so I’ll probably get accustomed to the keyboard shortcut.

Incidentally, for my and anyone else’s benefit … is that Opt-click default inversion good across projects, or only within that particular project. If it is good across projects, I’ll probably do it once to make the vertical the default for future projects for any occasions when using the button might be quicker.