Would you believe it ...

… I don’t know whether Fluffy would benefit from this for looking after his human pet, or Vic-K would benefit more from it for looking after Fluffy, but …


Product Description:
Fluffy’s Log is a user friendly pet information management software written in Cocoa, designed for the Mac OS X operating system. It handles storage of multiple pet information, manages pedigree lineage and keeps tabs of medical and insurance records. Plus you can always print out the hard copy complete with photos, whip it out when the time is appropriate, and let your friends gawk at your wonderful pet.

Mere D`Lucifer :open_mouth: Deux Fluffies!! Are they breeding!!!..merde!..merde!..merde!

Le D :imp:

Mr Mark,
Thank you for this very useful…thingy. As Im a very low maintainance cat, there would be no point in taxing my humans brain with its inherent complexities, even when he is restored to his former self, hed be struggling.

I on the other hand will make good use of it, in monitoring his progress. If progress be the appropriate Word in this instance.
Once again, Thank You Mr Mark :slight_smile:


Oooh thanks for the link (I have 5 dogs and a cat)

But as for Fluffy…

I think this may be more appropriate!



Dearest Fluffy,

Is there any possibility you could clone yourself and send me a copy? My human brain is a mess and I could certainly use your help.


Dear Karen.
If I could, I most assuredly would, after all, us gals should stick together :wink:

How about a photo of me and my old friend Buddy, the Tyrannosynopsis-Vic. If the going gets rough, you can always look at us and say, “It could be worse! I could look like them!” :open_mouth:
Take care Karen :slight_smile: