Would you say the Scrivener 3 Windows beta is good enough to use now?

Hey everyone,
The latest beta is so close to the final release version, it’s probably fine to use.

What do you guys think? If you do use the beta currently, how do you protect your work in the unlikely event of some crash or other technical error related to the beta? What’s your plan for migrating your work over to the official version 3? (Probably a dumb question, but I just want to make sure the work transfers seamlessly, since it seems like the beta will be disabled after a certain point and you’ll have to download the official version 3 separately, rather than having the beta automatically update to the official version 3).


The release version 3 will simply open your existing projects just like the beta does. The beta already uses the version 3 project format, and the data is stored outside the Scrivener application.

The biggest open issues in the beta relate to the Compile function. I’d say you’re not likely to lose work, but you might not be able to share work (by compiling your manuscript) as easily as you would like. So the best insurance would be regular exports to an alternative format like Word.


Take a look at the threads open in this sub-forum. Can you deal with the issues raised there, or similar ones that might affect features you really want to use, but are or might become buggy? As far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any data destroying bugs in the beta, but there have been some bugs and yet-to-be-implemented features that make using Scrivener features annoying or impossible. It’s generally better with every release, but there’s no way to say it’s ready for everyone to use, as each person’s usage of Scrivener is different.

The problem is that the Beta’s expire and if say Beta26 works great, but Beta27 fails to install. They you are stuck until they give you a new working Beta. So potentially you are left hanging for a a month.

Unfortunately Beta releases have regressions so you never know if the next Beta might be unusable for you. So the real risk is the forced upgrades.

Where do I download the latest beta for Windows?

The latest version of the beta will always be found linked in the first announcement in the beta forum.



I’ve written about 100,000 words of my current book using the beta (starting in version 12 or 13, if I remember rightly). Haven’t lost anything, so far, nor hit any major problems.Obviously, L&L strongly advise us not to do this, and they’re right to do so, but I’m not regretting my foolishness (yet…)

You really don’t loseany text,because in the last instance youcan always open the rtf files stored within the project. Which by default save every 2 seconds.
Then you also have the zipped backupd between one session and the next.
And, as with any work you do, you hve a second and a thrid place,here you store, what you write. I use dropbox and then snch with a notebook. so I I always have to computers with my work and said dropbox.