Wow! And a question. (Or 2), please

Loving what I have seen and used of the Application so far. An incredible amount of work and robustness in a v1 project! (And I write software for a living so know how hard it is to get v1 right!)

I’m hoping that this is something that I have missed and that I am being daft…

How do I send text to Scrivener from another application, please? I can send a PDF, that works really well, thanks. However, no matter where I look, I can’t see an option to send text directly (or to the research folder). I use a lot of text editors on my iPhone and iPad and would love to be able to send some of the collected ramblings from those directly to the app.

Also, and sure that this is for v2 but are you looking at supporting x-URL callbacks?

Many thanks again on an outstanding piece of software (again!!!)

I can browse my iCloud Drive on my iPhone, select a text file there, and hit the share/send icon and one of the options is “Copy to Scrivener”.

There is one requirement in that Scrivener requires a Project to be open in order to receive the text file, other than that, it works a treat.

The incoming text is created as a new file, so you’d have to manually move it to a Research folder or whereever.

Thanks for that @sprejon,
I mean if I am working in a text editor and I have a block of text/document.
In many apps I can send to (a range of apps) such as mail or other editors (normally, it’s probably only doing a copy and paste) but it would be nice if that same functionality was an option as send to or copy to…

I can use the copy activity (although HTML is written with all the tags in place etc)

Sure I’ll find a workflow that works but was just wondering if there was an option I missed/better way to do it :slight_smile:

If you only want to add a block of text, why not simply copy-paste? You copy in the first app, switch to Scrivener and paste. That way you get the text where you wanrt it.

You should be able to send various types of document from other apps to Scrivener, as long as you have a project open in Scrivener. You need to use “Open In” from the other app. Any text editor that can export Markdown or plain text should work, and you can send documents from Pages, too.

All the best,

Many thanks for the app, it’s awesome and for responding!
I think that it’s actually down to the way that ‘Editorial’ treats the document not the way that Scrivener does…
It looks like the share/copy function might have been implemented in a different way to the normal…
I can confirm that I can send text from other writing apps as you describe:)

Many thanks, again…