wow! + export to simpletext?

I’ve been using Scrivener for about a month now and it has been the most useful and flexible and intuitive tool I’ve ever seen with regard to keeping a large writing project organized. I’m pretty amazed at how quickly it has become an essential part of my writing process. So thank you for that.

I have one minor suggestion… I’ve been using WriteRoom on my iPhone and so I love the “Import from” feature. One additional feature that I think would be great would be an “Export to” feature (at least I couldn’t find anything along these lines). Doing this manually isn’t terrible, but it would be great to get this content out to without having to leave the Scrivener sandbox…

Thanks again!



Thanks for the kind words. The main reason I haven’t implemented this - apart from exporting to a server being more difficult and error-prone than importing - is that it would entail loss of formatting, as simpletext is plain text only. I may add something like this in the future, though, post-2.0.

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As a workaround, if you’re running Snow Leopard (10.6+) you can install the simpletext application on your mac, which elegantly adds an auto-syncing simpletext folder to your user directory. If I need something on the go, I just save it out as a plain text file to the simpletext folder and make sure it syncs. Then I sync my iPhone and head to the subway to clack away on my next great piece.

This function technically circumvents the need for the simpletext import because now you can just drag and drop the .txt docs from that folder, but the scrivener interface is much nicer than going into your folder to snag whatever it is you need.

I’ve got another suggestion with this workflow regarding notational velocity, but I’m going to break that into a new post as I think it would be useful to others. The short of it: Scrivener, SimpleText, WriteRoom for iPhone and Notational Velocy allow be to be amazingly disorganized yet productive. Before I was just disorganized :slight_smile:

poritsky –

unfortunately, i’m using an old Powerbook with OSX 10.4 (at least for a few more months)… which doesn’t work with that SimpleText application for the Mac… but I still love your work flow – including your use of Notational Velocity – and I plan on using some aspect of it…

(one crude solution i’ve come up with is to write a little Automator/AppleScript workflow that helps with a few of the awkward steps… but your notational velocity scheme is a lot more elegant and complete…)


I agree. I’ve divided my iPad touch to Mac organize and synch into three categories:

  1. Notes on my touch/Notes inside Mail: For things that rarely change like clothing sizes.

  2. TaskPaper on my touch and Mac: Ideas and notes for books I’m writing. TaskPaper is the sister-app to WriteRoom and also synchs through SimpleText. I like the way it displays notes better. Projects can be major topics and each idea becomes a bullet under that topic. With WriteRoom I was forced to doublespace between items to keep them separate on screen.

  3. Simplenote on my touch and Notational Velocity on my Mac: A catch-all for notes, to-dos and everything but book ideas that synch through another shared web site.

It’s a delight to be able to wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, take it down quickly on the touch by my bed, and know that without my doing a thing that idea will also be on my office iMac and the MacBook I carry to libraries.

Alas, there is a snake in this technological Eden.

Life would be almost perfect if Dropbox could be trusted to synch Scrivener files between my iMac and my MacBook. For the present, I do Scrivener writing only on my MacBook to avoid the woes of manual synching. And I use its backup feature to store a Dropbox zip file I could access from my iMac, should my aging MacBook experience sudden death.

That almost happened this week when it fell out of my backpack, and the screen display quit working. Fortunately, showed me precisely where the screen data connector was and, without doing any disassembly, simply squeezing the case at that point brought the screen back to life.

Life is indeed not perfect. Sigh. (Indeed, tonight my crisps were stale.) Have you let the folk at Dropbox let you know about your problems?

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P.S. Actually, re-reading this, are you suggesting this is a problem with Scrivener? I thought you were saying you had a Dropbox problem, but now I’m not sure. Obviously I have no control over how Dropbox does things. My advice with Scrivener projects is to zip them up if you are storing them on Dropbox.

I’d like to second (or third?) the SimpleNote + Notational Velocity combination. Brilliant software on the NV end for that kind of thing—quick ideas where you don’t know what you want to do with them yet, but you want to get them down. The iPod is great for that, and it uploads every thought to the iPad and MBP too. They just released a full resolution version for the iPad, so no more staring at pixel text.

In regards to DropBox, are you just referring to the general advisory to not run Scrivener projects live off of a DropBox folder? If so, I agree, it would be awfully nice if it worked reliably. Zips work all right though for me, have you had a problem with that?