Wow, just wow.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but I thought I’d mention how unbelievably awesome I think Scrivener is.

Here’s how this week has gone for me.

Monday I decided I’d always fancied writing some fiction (hey, hasn’t everybody got one novel in them?). I thought a good way to motivate myself would be to look around for some short story competitions to enter.

Late Monday I found that there’s a big comp I wanted to enter but the closing date is Friday and the formatting rules are kind of weird (to me, remember I’ve never done this before). I figured it would take me a day to reformat anything I wrote to their precise format in Word or something. No worries, there’s always next year.

Tuesday I mention it to my wife and she says “why don’t you just crack on and enter?” and of course, she’s always right. Why wait? I don’t expect to get anywhere but the discipline of submission is what it’s all about. Hmm, one day to write, one to proof, one to reformat, one to submit - tight. Actually ridiculous.

But I’ve always believed that maxim “if I had a day to cut down a tree, I’d spend the morning sharpening the saw”. Wonder if there’s any s/w I can use that would be better than Word? That afternoon I d/l Scrivener. Half way through the tutorial I was dancing round the room “you mean I can just press a button and it will reformat it any way I like???”

Wednesday - write all day. [Harder than I thought actually - respect to you guys]. Every time I hit a problem I just swapped to the corkboard and picked another section to write. Every time I forgot a character’s name etc I just split screen and jumped into the Character folder. Half way through the afternoon I looked at the 3 screens I have on my iMac. Maps and pictures of location on the left, character sheets and stuff on the right and Scrivener right in the middle. Plus iTunes on high, obvs.

Thursday - read, proof, rewrite, polish, rave about Scrivener on the forum.

Tomorrow - let Scriv (we’re friends now so he gets a nickname) reformat stuff, save to PDF, upload and anticipate my winnings :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I should probably pay for it too :slight_smile:

if the crap i have to read through is anything to go by, no. absolutely not. no more than everyone has one good attempt at open heart surgery in them.

Glad you’re liking it so far! And good luck with the competition. (Don’t mind Floss. :slight_smile: )

All the best,

Why Floss, shame on you.
You seem to be channeling my former dwarf alter ego.
Who finally grew a heart and is kind to newcomers.
Since they buy the software, support KB’s family,
And who knows? May one day triumph at Ninny Nanno Write Mo.
Or whatever it’s called. :mrgreen: :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

welcome aboard the leaky old pirate tub Scrivener, negligently crewed by a motley rabble of feckless, scurvy misfits, ne’r-do-'ells, no-hopers and miscreants. Three of whom you have already encountered.

The first, Floss, is a crabby tabby, who, in this case, is only stating the obvious. However, jonathan, if… you have a novel in you, then you have your hands on the best bit of kit in the whole Cosmos, to help you get it out there. :wink:

Second scallywag you’ve encountered, is Kevin, the so called developer of Scrivener… but we all know it’s Kev’s kid brother that did all the work.

As far as your third encounter, its best not engage with the Druid, cos he’s a devious old fecker, who’ll be nice to you, and then ask to borrow money of you. :open_mouth: DO NOT LEND HIM ANY. :open_mouth: That goes for the rest of the crew too.

It’s too late to jump ship, kiddo, but Good Luck anyway :wink:
Take care

Humph! :angry:
I reckon I could make a good attempt at open heart surgery. Admittedly, I don’t expect it would be a successful attempt without support… :wink:
Same applies to my novel-ish ambitions.

All the best Jonathan, you’ve chosen a great tool to use as you develop your writing. Good novel or no, it’s worth a go. :slight_smile:

Tell me more about this ninny noonaa. It sounds just the kind of thing I could get involved with before I lose my enthusiasm and become bitter and twisted.

Dammit. Too late.

Yeah it’s another example of closed shops and elitism. I can replumb a washing machine and can’t see how heart surgery would be any harder. It’s just stuck up surgeons wanting to keep their fees high by discouraging amateurs from having a go.

My day job’s photography and lots of surgeons have a bash at that - I think they need some of their own medicine.

Sounds like a perfect formula for reality TV: “Tune in to Job Swap next week when a photographer and a thoracic surgeon trade places. Can Dr Smith survive a fortnight without golf?” <clip of surgeon chasing a kitten around the studio while a toddler pulls a studio light over and an angry parent complains about a botched family portrait. Switch to photographer swinging a golf club and then a clip of photographer & anaesthetist, both in scrubs, smiling & shaking hands as patient rolled out of theatre>
You’re on a winner. My fee is a simple percentage of the gross takings of the show. :wink:

Similar thing happening with many astro-physicists going back to Uni, to study the Science of Welding.

Look at where that got Brian Cox - I bet he still can’t weld straight (in the episode of Wonders of Life I watched last week, he couldn’t even spit in a test tube. Although he was in a pub at the time so I guess there were mitigating circumstances).

Yeah!! He was mithering for an honorary membership of the Noble & Ancient Order of Hirsuitun Posterious Weldercusie. Told ‘im t’ go wrestle an asteroid.

Actually, not a lot of folk realise it, but, both open heart surgery and welding, require the same degree of sensitivity of touch, allied to phenomenally accurate hand eye co-ordination and dexterity. Cox is too clumsy, he’d never make the grade.

I just wanted to add my “Wow!” to the list.
I LOVE Scrivener!
I was quite surprised at the awesome power for the low price.
I started writing my novel in Pages, which is a fine program, but it is not designed for novel writing.
I really like the ability to easily re-order chapters and scenes just by dragging.
I also always use the compile to .pdf feature and I upload my book to the cloud so that I can access it whenever.
I am finishing my first book, The Smart Kid, now with the help of Scrivener. And I’ve decided to expand it into a pentalogy: The Chrysalis Chronology,
And I can keep each book organized, with all of the research for each book too.
And I could not have done it so easily without this great program.

Christopher Hitchens:

Everyone has a book inside them, which is exactly where I think it should, in most cases, remain.

And you think you’re joking.


And it’s a fair bet that heart surgeons would never dream of attempting their work in the overhead position, whereas welders, particularly those heroic artisans enrolled in the Noble & Ancient Order of Hirsuitun Posterious Weldercusie, would think that something of a doddle. There’s mystery and magic involved in getting molten metal to defy gravity… Astrophysics? Pah!

No joke: A percentage of the gross income (sales AND advertising) is the basis of my fee… :wink: