WOW! Kudos and a question...

I’m gearing up for my first screenplay effort and came across Scrivener while surfing. I don’t handle paper very well, and Scrivener seemed to reflect the way my brain works, so I downloaded the trial and went through the tutorial.

I’m very impressed and I think it will be an excellent tool to help me plan for and hammer out a draft. I do, however, have one question after completing the tutorial: Is there a way to highlight multiple items in Outline view and change their meta-data as a group? I’m thinking labels and status might be useful to change in bulk.

Thanks! Outstanding product!

You can select them in the binder, right-click, and choose their label from the contextual menu.

Not sure if the same behaviour exists in Outline View (and whether it applies to Status as well), but a little testing can find you the answer :slight_smile:


That works. Thanks!

That behavior is definitely not there in Outline view. (I can select multiple files in Outline view, but when I click on a menu to change something like status or label, the program selects only the one item that has the menu I clicked on.)

I think it might still be nice to be able to “batch process” in Outline view, but with everything else that Scrivener can do – and apparently do well – that seems like a relatively minor niggle.



Thanks for the compliments on Scrivener. :slight_smile:

You can batch apply in the outliner (and corkboard) too, so I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you. You have to select multiple items and then make sure the ctrl-click is on one of the selected items so that it doesn’t select something else; that’s the only reason I can think of for why it might not have worked.

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I suspect what the OP tried was a multiple selection, then using one of the items’ dropdown label menus instead of ctrl-click. Pretty sure that’s what I did initially, expecting it to work, but of course it doesn’t.

Ah, right. Yes, you need to control-click on them, just as you do in the binder. Thanks for the clarification, Antony.

OK, I got it. In Outline view, the command (open apple) key enables multiple selections. Then, the control key enables “batch processing” from the dropdown menus. Works like a charm! (I’m just not used to having to use both in that particular way.) Thanks! Happy Scrivening! :mrgreen:

Just in case you have similar problems in other applications, I will just point out that they are both standard across all Mac programs that adhere to Apple’s user interface guidelines.

  • The command-key for multiple selections is consistent across the Mac.
  • And for almost all applications, the ctrl-click is the same as a right click on a two-button mouse, which is the standard way to bring up a contextual menu :slight_smile:


Yeah. The funny thing is I KNOW that. I train folks on Macs and PCs as part of my job, but always end up using a two-button mouse at work for both platforms. My “home computer” is my work laptop – MacBook Pro with Parallels and Windows XP – but I rarely bring a mouse home with me. Duh. Thanks!