I wanted to drop you a brief note to say thanks for a simply superb tool. No software has ever moved me to do this before. I’m not even a real writer, just a corporate toiler who has to produce a steady flow of well-structured reports and white papers. I’ve used Scrivener for a couple of things now, and It has helped me immensely to liberate my thought processes, because I know I can refine the structure so easily as I go along.

But the funny thing is, I knew Scrivener was the one before I’d actually used it in anger. As I worked through your excellent tutorial, I was hooked by the simple, aesthetic beauty of the thing - the rightness of it. I wanted to use it. I am tempted now to try my hand at something of my own, for the first time. Am I unique in having been inspired to write by the tool itself? Anyone else?

Anyway, take a bow!

Hi Cricketnut,

Thank you! Very much appreciated, and it’s great to hear that it’s actually made you want to write something of your own, too.

Thanks once more for the kind words.

All the best,