Wrap-around in the Binder


I’m not sure if this cannot be done, or I can’t find it. I would like my document titles to wrap to a new line, when they are longer than a single line (as it happens in the Outliner). Is there an option for that?

Why I need it? Usually, I agree that titles should be as concise as possible. But I’m using document titles to reorganize ideas. Therefore, document titles are not real titles, but summaries of ideas, taking some more that a short line.

Why I don’t use the Outliner for this? Well, I need to browse through the project’s text, both to find other ideas, and to see if the current order is really working.


Hi Paolo,

No, this can’t be done, but you can use the outliner to browse the text - just set up the outliner in a vertical split, hide the binder, and click on the two arrows in the outliner footer bar to have the outliner selection affect the other editor.

All the best,

Thank you, Keith. Yes, all considered this can work. With the help of the Layouts, I can quickly switch from this “extended title” view to the more ordinary view including the Binder.