Wrap for file names

I wonder if wrapping file names is possible. I would find this especially useful as a lot of my files contain ideas, rather than specific sections of a given piece of writing which only require a brief indication of content. Having a wrapped file name would enable me to outline and arrange my argument a lot more efficiently and with greater precision. :smiley:
Finding your programme has made the world of academic writing so much easier. Thank you very much! Julia.

I join the need of Julia. I have to artificially shorten the title of my documents to not take too much space in the outliner/binder view. It could be useful to wrap the titles of doc in outliner and binder view, and perhaps indexcards also.

I am not seeing why either of these usage scenarios would not benefit from using the synopsis field. That is where ideas and longer elaborations on the title are meant to be done, and the interface supports this concept readily.

I write on a 14’ screen, so space is a constraint. When I write my story drafts, I organize Scrivener with 3 panes : Left editor with outliner, Right editor with document, Inspector.
In the left editor, I display only the title, not the synopsis because, when I’m writing a scene, I only need the synopsis of the current scene, so it’s displayed in the inspector.
Despite the little number of columns of the outliner, I’m able to see only the first 3 words, in average, of the title of my documents. Sometimes I don’t remember the truncated end of the title and I have to display it in the inspector. Naturally, I tend to use title of 6-10 words for my scene, with Scrivener : 3-5 words. I have to change a little my way of working.
So for me, wrap for titles is a nice to have feature, no more.

Ah, you mean just in the outliner? In that case this idea is already on the long-term list. Synopsis will no longer be a column, but displayed beneath the title. You can turn the synopsis display on or off, and editing between title and synopsis will be more like editing in a text editor. This is a long ways off though because it is a more advanced feature that provides a mere refinement over the current way of working.

How does working with horizontal splits sound? It seems to me, if you’re on a very small screen like that and are having width display issues, that using a wider editor layout would be beneficial, even if it means less height for the editor. I used to work on a really small screen, too, but I never left the Inspector open. I just opened it when I needed it to make space, and I would also close the Binder. So I got used to the shortcuts for that.

Yes I mean the titles in the outliner and also for the indexcards (to be able to see the whole title without enlarge too much all the cards. Your solution sounds good for outliner.

I use 2 vertical editors, not horizontal ones because I need to list a lot of documents.