Wrap Long Binder Item Titles

I often find myself hunting for the pixel-thin right side border of the Binder to make reading long, indented Binder items possible. If some of them get even a bit long, I end up constantly either resizing the binder horizontally as I move from the Binder to the writing area and back or horizontally scrolling it back and forth. Perhaps these titles could be made to optionally wrap to the current width of the Binder?


I’m afraid there are no plans for this, although titles can be made to wrap in the outliner in version 2.0. The binder is based on the source list views that you see in applications such as Finder and Mail, where titles don’t wrap, and wrapping titles would present a number of problems.

Thanks for the suggestion though!
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If you check down at the very bottom of the Binder, in the grey toolbar area, you should see a little “handle” that you can use to resize the Binder more easily. Lots of applications with 1 pixel borders have something like this to help out.

I second the suggestion to allow binder-titles in the left column to wrap.

The way I (would like to) use Scrivener is to use the Binder titles as a summary of the FLOW OF ARGUMENT – as opposed to just a title that indicates the content within. This is difficult if the binder titles do not flow. At present, for me, they are sufficient merely for short pithy headers.

I’m one that switched to Mac because of Scrivener, but I was just about to start a new book using Microsoft Word, because of Word’s ability to wrap header titles.

I’m really glad to hear that version 2.0 … whenever that appears … will have wrappable binder headers.


Thanks for switching to a Mac for Scrivener!

2.0 will not have wrapping title headers, though, so I’m not sure where you heard that, and there are no plans to have anything like this - in fact, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that I will never add wrapping titles to the binder. It’s just not done in source lists anywhere. The index card or synopsis area is intended for the summary description.

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Oh, I misunderstood it then when you said version 2 would have wrappable headers.

Keith, if you can’t provide wrapping in the left-column binder, can you at least provide wrapping in the middle-column when in outline mode.

I’ll give you an example, and I’ll use the global warming line of reasoning. I will use one line per step in the reasoning:

1 - burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, and carbon-based fuels, such as wood, over a large number of years causes build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and upper reaches of the atmosphere

2 - the build-up of carbon dioxide creates a blanket that traps hot air that rises from the surface of the earth, and acts as an insulation layer that traps hot air beneath it, preventing the heat from escaping from the surface of the earth.

3 - this leads to an increase in the overall temperature of the temperature of the earth, leading to melting of ice, particularly in glaciers and large masses of ice such as in the Arctic, Antarctic and in Greenland.

Ok, the sentences are verbose, but I’ve purposely made them long to illustrate a point.

Beneath each header, I want to write a mini essay to expand each point. For some writers, they are content to have short words to indicate the content – but for me, I am establishing a logical flow of thought, a line of reasoning. That is why I want, somewhere, to be able to see these key sentences, and see how the thoughts flow, one onto the next.

I can’t do this in Scrivener.

In all the views – in outline mode, or in corkboard mode – all of the above sentences 1, 2 and 3, are cut short. I cannot see the flow of argument.

Even in corkboard view, the sentences are cut short.

Even in corkboard view, it forces us to put out line of reasoning in the synopsis box. There is no view that enables us to see it as a continuous step-by-step line of reasoning, flow of thought.

Sure, in order to fit the space, I could have truncated the headers to read as:

1 - burning fossil fuels builds up C02 levels
2 - CO2 insulation effect
3 - effects of increased temperature on environment

But that’s not the flow of thought I want to craft and fine-tune.

My mind thinks in terms of flow of thought, and line of reasoning – rather than bullet points.

Whereas in Microsoft Word’s outliner, I would have no problem creating a flow of thought that I can see in one view.

How difficult would it be to add title-wrap in the middle-column? Is it because you don’t see the need for this, or is it too difficult to change the software code, mid-stream, this late in the piece?

I’m not sure what you mean by the middle column, but in Scrivener 2.0, in the outliner (not the binder), the title and synopsis columns have been combined into one column, so the titles will wrap there - but only when synopses are shown. I’m not sure why you would want long descriptions in the titles rather than in the synopsis area, but you have to understand that this isn’t what it was designed for. While you are of course welcome to bend it to your preferred usage however you wish, I’m sure you understand that I won’t be changing the design to fit the use of individual users, when the synopsis area is built especially for this sort of thing.

In the outline view, the Synopsis column wraps. If you moved your long titles into the synopsis, and used Short phrases in the title, then you can view a list of synopses (with wrapping) in the outline.

I mean that the left-hand column is the binder.

The right-hand column contains the synopsis.

The middle column contains the title and synopsis. I would hope that the content of this middle column can wrap. Right now, the title cannot wrap, although the synopsis can. I was hoping the title can wrap. Why place an unnecessary restriction on the length of the title?

As fond as I am of Victorian era academic titles that are 60 words long, I’m not sure I understand what your reticence is towards using the synopsis for this? In the Corkboard and Outliner views, synopsis is just as visible as the title, and is designed precisely for the type of conversational exposition you are wanting to put in the title.

But at any rate, as Keith already stated, the Title will wrap in the Outliner (what you are referring to as the middle column) in 2.0 if the right options are set. So, from what it sounds like, I don’t think there is anything to worry about here. It will do what you want, where you want it to happen.