wrap text in title column

Hi, is it possible to wrap the text in the title column in outliner view or any other view?

Not currently, but we are planning an overhaul to the outliner that will make this possible in the next major version.

Thanks Jennifer,

Are there any plans for showing the title in the composite view as well? Since the purpose of this views is to show the composite of sub-texts I don’t understand why the titles aren’t showing.


Yes, that’s also in the plan. For now you could try leaving the inspector open with the index card open at the top; that will show the title of the focussed document in the session.

That’s good news, thank you. Regarding the Index card view in the inspector; the title does not wrap in that one either as far as I can tell…

No, titles don’t wrap on the cards. I was just suggesting it as a way of identifying the focussed document, since titles aren’t currently displayed in Scrivenings otherwise. You could widen the inspector to show more of the title if you liked, or reduce the font size, or use shorter titles and fill in more detail with the synopsis.