"Wrap to Editor" seems to be corrupted after syncing project


I have two computers I use Scrivener on, a 27" iMac and an 11" MacBook Air. I sync my project between the machines using Dropbox. The syncing itself works great.

I have my Wrap to Editor set to 0, because I frequently change the width of the editor depending on what I’m reading in the other editor (I use split editor). Whenever I work on the MacBook Air, save, close and then open the project on the iMac, wrap to editor stops working. If I adjust the width of the editor by dragging the bar, the content stays at a fixed width. If I try to use Window > Zoom on it, then I lose the top of my app as it slides below the toolbar on the top.

Am I doing something wrong?

The actual settings for wrap to editor mode are not project specific, but rather universal to the install. That means they don’t travel between computers. The choice to display the editor in wrap vs. page is a project setting, but not the settings which dictate how it works, and there is a good reason for that: what works on one computer might very well be awkward on another, and it looks like you have the same amount of contrast between setups that I do. I use non-fixed on my 11" more often than not, but wouldn’t dream of turning that off on my 27". You might feel differently, so having that preference available is nice.

I don’t follow that though. The whole application slides beneath the toolbar? Is this in full screen Lion?