wrapped custom meta-data vanishes/hangs

I cursed myself by not shutting down Scrivener and going to bed. :imp:

Adding custom meta-data in the inspector, wrapped a couple lines and then all the text in the field vanished. I managed to pull this off before and ended up crashing Scrivener; sent in the crash report for that. This time it didn’t crash but the focus box stuck on that meta-data field even when I clicked into a different field, and text added to another field didn’t stay after I entered it. Additionally, attempting to retype in the hung field gets mixed results–the cursor will occasionally disappear if I backspace to the beginning and then I can’t type anything, or I get little colored dots instead of letters. Project then hung for a while but it’s working again now without a restart, though still not resetting the meta-data field to normal (it’s about three lines long–empty but expanded into the row beneath it).

Though I’ve gotten this before, it doesn’t happen all the time so I’m sure there’s a lot at play and I can’t tell you what exactly is doing it. I’ve been working in the project for an hour or two, importing docs, converting things, adding to all the meta-data including references. I’ve included the console report in hopes that it will give a clue. Did close a project a bit beforehand and I may have viewed the reference pane in that.

Anyone else had this happen who can suggest steps to consistently reproduce it?

EDIT: So despite the fact that it appeared the text honestly was gone in the meta-data field (I backspaced to the beginning, nothing “invisible” could be selected, etc.) upon closing and restarting the project, it’s all there where I left off in the middle of typing when it initially vanished. So some kind of display issue, possibly because I’m putting too much text in the field? Is there a limit? I was at 55 characters when it vanished.

FURTHER EDIT: Heh, and then when I finally stopped anticipating the crash, having restarted and seeing everything running smoothly, boom. Sent the crash report. Sorry I’m breaking your program, Keith! I really do love it! I’ll try to take better care of it next time! :frowning:

( 2.0 NaNoWriMo trial, Mac 10.6.4)
console_blankmeta.rtf.zip (1.99 KB)

Not trying to bump my own thread, just an attempt to reduce the number of places I’m dumping info about this problem. I know you’re busy, Keith, and I just want to keep track of whatever further data I’m getting on the problem. I’ve sent in a couple crash reports from this issue, and as an update on what I reported in the last one, I’ve managed to achieve this now in multiple projects (not all the same template). It’s consistently happening in the one project when I get to three lines of text in the meta-data field; in other projects it’s varying numbers, sometimes closer to five lines, but if I type long enough I inevitably get the vanishing text and have to close and restart the project.

When I close and restart it’s clearly not closing properly, because when I reopen it will soon start having weird behavior and freeze/crash. If I quit Scrivener entirely and restart it seems to take care of that.

The latest “weird behavior” following one of these project-only closes was that when I used the split command, it created a new document but did not actually move the text into it–so I could see the new, empty document in the Binder but the focus remained in the original document and all the text below the attempted split remained in that first doc. I’m attaching the console report covering that and the meta-data vanishing text whatnot from this morning. I’m sure the split problem is a fault of the incorrect close and not a “regular” bug, but maybe it will help figure out what’s at the root of the issue. I can hope, anyway.
console_emptysplit.rtf.zip (3.17 KB)


Thanks for this. The console report clearly indicates errors thrown while typing. Could you please send me the project where you are seeing this happen consistently, and also put the steps to reproduce in several short steps for me. You have my e-mail address, so if you can send the info there, that would be great.

Thanks again,

Done. Hopefully to the right email, but you’ll find it eventually after you tear yourself away from the Macbook Air. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Received - thank you. I’ll look at it as soon as I get chance (and am also determined to get in some quality time with my MBA this evening :slight_smile: ).