Wrapped or Floating Text

I’d like to suggest that Scrivener 3.x has the ability wrap or float text around images. You see it in word processing capable app’s like Pages or Word. I know Scrivener is not, and never will be a fully fledged WP station. It has so much more by comparison, but with the increasing capabilities of electronic publications like Kindle and iBooks, I think it would be a natural enhancement to have.

What do you think?

Scrivener 3 definitely will not have text wrapping around images, sorry. Scrivener 3’s feature set is locked down and this isn’t part of it. This would be hugely difficult to add to Scrivener. It is technically possible (although hugely complex) to have text wrap around images in the text system, but it’s done by cutting out “holes” in the text. It requires a lot of management to draw images there and then to have those images controlled by the user, and they would be stationary. It would be even more difficult in page layout mode. However, a bigger problem is having such images exported as expected. Even if I could implement this, it would only work in print-outs and PDFs. None of the RTF or Word exporters support text wrapping around images, so you’d lose all of that when going to another program. This is one of those features which would need us to expand and have a larger pool of programmers to achieve, and one that is unlikely to come to Scrivener any time soon for these reasons.

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I appreciate your considered reply, Keith. I didn’t quite appreciate the amount of work power and man hours involved.

I’m looking forward to the imminent launch of Scrivener 3.0. You must have your hands full at present.


Stuart (Penzance :slight_smile:)

Stuart: there are ways to do this somewhat automatically from a Scrivener compile, in that at least the Pandoc variant of Markdown can set up customised blocks of content (both text boxes and images), and these can easily be floated in the several formats that support it (like HTML derived formats and LaTeX). Now you won’t see the wrapping in Scrivener, but the Compiled output would wrap. So for example this in Scrivener would become a floating captioned figure with the appropriate class added to the CSS style:

![This the interesting caption for an floating box figure](my_image.png){.floatleft}

Otherwise you have to do all this manually in a DTP like program — and I like any workflow that tries to automate as many things as possible :wink:

Thank you, nontroppo

Just checking: it doesn’t seem that Scrivener for Mac can set text to wrap around an image (they way it can in Word). I understand from older posts that this was not possible. Is it still not possible in Scrivener directly?

No, Scrivener is not designed to do this sort of thing and probably never will be.

One can hope, but I won’t hold my breath.

I don’t think we need a whole new feature request thread for this, when more than one already exists. I’ve merged it with the most constructive one, which contains a technical note on why this isn’t in the simple editor view, and the way in which this is actually quite possible, if one does not limit themselves to what Scrivener’s editor view is capable of, and instead uses it as a platform for building more complex documents.