Wrapping Anomaly

I’ve searched everywhere I know to find the reason for the situation shown in the image below. Pardon the eyestrain, but I needed to make the text unreadable while preserving as much as possible Scrivener’s presentation of “Invisibles.” Regrettably, the forum is cutting off the right edge of this image, so please accept that the wrapping is working as expected in the top portion of the image, going out close to where the Inspector panel begins:

There is a list, in-text, of people present at the scene of a murder. The list is created simply with tabs, and is not a table. Before the list, Scrivener’s wrap function operates as expected. After the list, it doesn’t. I kept the “Invisibles” visible to demonstrate that there are no paragraph marks where the “after” text is wrapping, or any kind of new-line or “return” code of any sort. There are only blue “space” dots at the ends of those lines, so I’m perplexed about why this is occurring.

Thanks for any help.

My guess would be that there is a right-indent on the text below the list. Click in a paragraph that is wrapping prematurely, and turn on the ruler with Cmd-R. Do you see a downward pointing triangle roughly at the point where the text is wrapping? If so, just select all of the affected paragraphs and drag that triangle all the way to the right on the ruler to disable indentation.

That was exactly the problem, AmberV. I think I’ve now fulfilled my quota of stupidity for the day. I hope so.

I will now have the ruler on at all times. Thank you for your help.