Wrapping of Text Problem

I am new to Scrivener and I having a problem with text wrapping. I am using the non-fiction format template and when I type text on a card and, as I get to the end, the text does not wrap around and go to the next line but disappears as I continue to type. I have to hit return every time to get to the next line.

I have done searches on the Scrivener users manual as well as this form, several times but have not found a way to fix what is happening. There must be a setting that I need to set but I simply can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated.



When you say “card” are you referring to typing into the synopsis field in the corkboard view, or in the main text editor itself, where you would write?

Either way, there would be no setting that makes it so you cannot see what you are typing. I don’t think anyone would really want that. :slight_smile:

Hi AmberV and others;

I had some help with Alex, one of the online tech support guys, and he directed me to some help files and I found the problem. I had just upgraded from Scrivener 2 to 3 and discovered that in the Library/Preferences folder in my Mac, I had two plist files, one for Scrivener 2 and the other for 3. I deleted the one for 2, ran Scrivener again and the problem went away. Text wrapping works like a charm. I think Scrivener 3 was getting confused in seeing the two plist files.

Thanks to Alex!