Wrapping Text to a page


I have been using Scrivener for about a month. So still a newbie. I wanted to ask a question about wrapping text to the same page. After compiling, on some pages, there is only one word at the top of the page followed by a new paragraph. On some other pages, there is only one line at the bottom and the text continues to the next page.

Is there any way to force the word or phrase to stay on the same page or for the one line to be moved to the next page? I hope I have explained my question well. If there is a way to do that, other than manual trial and error by hitting enter, please let me know.


This is called “widow and orphan control.” As far as I know, it’s available only when compiling to word processing formats such as DOCX.

Hope this helps!

… You say you’re new to Scrivener, and it sounds like you have Page View turned on in the View Menu, so that when you’re editing it looks sort of like Word. If that’s the case, I urge you to turn Page View off and try to get out of the “What you see is what you get” view of the universe.

Scrivener is designed to do page-style formatting in Compile, when you’re ready to send your work elsewhere (as to a beta reader or editor) or publish it. What you see if you turn Page View on in the Editor is almost never what you get when you compile.

Instead, formatting in the editor is used for two things: first, such things as italics, bold, block quotes and so forth that will need to be formatted somehow in your final output. Second, to make it easier for you to write. Almost anything you do in the editor so far as formatting goes can and probably will be overridden in Compile, so I find it’s best to keep it as simple as possible.

If you’ve already figured this out, never mind… :blush: creeps back into her lair and onto her hoard of discarded computer parts.

Thank you for the detailed reply. No, I’m not viewing anything in page view mode. I’m talking about the file output AFTER compile into the paperback style that I have chosen for my book. There are some pages where the sentence runs on to the next page with only a few words or just one word. I was wondering if there was a way to force it to remain on the same page. But from the looks of it, other than rewording the sentence to fit into the previous page, there is no other option. No worries. I’m on it. :slight_smile:

Super! For info only, I had a conversation with the developer, Keith, on this very subject a few months ago. If you’re curious, you can read it here: