Write Now! (pop-up needed)

Can you create a pop-up the reminds me that I haven’t written anything in my Scrivener project in (user definable interval).

I normally HATE pop-ups, but I need something to gently remind me I’m being delinquent. And make it so I can’t dismiss the pop-up until I complete (user definable word count).

Or I could just motivate myself since you’ve given me such a great authoring tool.

You could turn on the Scratch Pad and put it right in the middle of your screen so that when you are doing other things, it sits there like a ghost, catching stray clicks and being a nuisance until you go back. :slight_smile:

I will investigate that today!

This isn’t scrivener, but Day One has a reminder mode that pops up ever so frequently that remind you to write something down.